What Have They Done (To My Home Town)

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  1. Jul 24,  · As some point if you’ve been on the road for a while, you’ll need to visit your hometown. This isn’t always an easy process, with reverse culture shock (yes, it’s a real thing), dealing with evolving (sometimes dissolving) friendships, and an often over-full schedule of things to do and people to see.
  2. Verse G Em I wish I could find a good book to live in C C/A Wish I could find a good book G A Cause if I could find a real good book C A7 I'd never have to come out and look at G D7 G Look what they've done to my song.G Em Na na na na na na na na C C/A Na na na na na na na na G A And if people are buying tears C A7 I be rich some day, Ma G D7 G D7 Look what they've done to my brain.
  3. Do your homework. Writing about your trip. Email a letter to a friend. Write for family. Describing your holiday. Studying abroad. Describing a place. Comparing towns or cities. Moving to another city or country. Inviting a friend to your hometown; You will be given some examples on how to write ten sentences about your hometown in English. My.
  4. MY HOMETOWN. A funny thing about memories, if you think about it, is that you can't think about them without them. As soon as something happens, it becomes a memory. What we learn, what we know, what we do, and who and what we become are all derived from our memories.
  5. Aug 24,  · Before I make it seem as if I hate my hometown, I'd like to make it clear that I don't. Not even a little bit. My hometown has its problems. No one who lives there can deny it, but in no way is my hometown a terrible city. They have French Roast, Decaf, and a Special Blend. I'm in a committed relationship with the French Roast flavor.
  6. Jan 11,  · The town I live in is my current "home", but "hometown" has a very different connotation to me, and it refers to where I grew up. I haven't lived in Oklahoma for more than 10 years now, but I.
  7. Sep 15,  · After living somewhere else for a while, returning to your hometown can be weird. You start to notice all the things that suck about where you used to live, even if they .
  8. Hometown definition is - the city or town where one was born or grew up; also: the place of one's principal residence. How to use hometown in a sentence.

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