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  1. Off the Cuff is a new sports bar in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX with a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere offering the best late night food until 2 AM, all the sports on huge TVs (including NFL Sunday Ticket), and weekly happy hour specials. You won’t find any other bars in Deep Ellum that are equipped like we are to showcase your favorite sports.
  2. Word of the Day. Synonym of the Day. Word of the Year. off-the-cuff. [ awf-th uh-kuhf, of- ] SEE DEFINITION OF off-the-cuff. curdlesusacmegajurelafuchtidis.coinfooraneous. Synonyms for off-the-cuff. ad hoc.
  3. Off the Cuff with Aubrey Huff # Baseball Legend Curt Schilling Curt Shilling joins us this week to come clean about that infamous bloody sock and then dive into his thoughts on President Trump and today’s political craziness. Listen here right now or on all the big podcast apps. Off The Cuff with Aubrey Huff.
  4. off the cuff. Extemporaneously, impromptu. This term allegedly comes from the practice of after-dinner speakers making notes for a speech on the cuff of their shirtsleeve at the last minute, as opposed to preparing a speech well beforehand. It originated in America in .
  5. Off The Cuff, or OTC is a series of candid talk shows organized in collaboration with NDTV and launched in January The event is hosted/anchored as an on-ground event by eminent journalist Shekhar Gupta. OTC has Shekhar Gupta in conversation with a distinguished guest in the presence of a notable, invited audience.
  6. off-the-cuff - with little or no preparation or forethought; "his ad-lib comments showed poor judgment"; "an extemporaneous piano recital"; "an extemporary lecture"; "an extempore skit"; "an impromptu speech"; "offhand excuses"; "trying to sound offhanded and reassuring"; "an off-the-cuff toast"; "a few unrehearsed comments".
  7. We at Off the Cuff Catering, strive to give you exactly what you want. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality product and service. You are our customers and everything we do is to make your business or event more successful.
  8. Off The Cuff is an award-winning site dedicated to the principle that classic style and modern life can live quite comfortably with each other. Founder and Editor-in-Chief Chris Hogan is a frequent contributor to leading menswear/lifestyle websites and publications.
  9. Off the Cuf. America’s most fascinating communities. watch the trailer.

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