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  1. ROG is a cloud-based service. ROG’s threat detection lowers security guard costsby analyzing real-time video streams from any commercial security camera. ROG uses computer vision to analyze video feeds for potential security threats and trespassers.
  2. Zeph'gorog AQWorlds Wiki» World» Monsters» Zeph'gorog Location: Void Vault Level: 75 Difficulty: 5 stars Total HP: , Attacks: Blue Energy Attack: ; Wind Attack: ; Temporary Items Dropped: Zeph'gorog Defeated (Dropped.
  3. Gorog was the leader of the Angels of Darkness, a race of fallen angels whose purpose was to spread evil through the world, and corrupt others. Of the race, Gorog was the most powerful, evil and most inteligent. His only goals, increase his own power, and spread evil and horror through the world. He appeared in the Disney series Wizards of Waverly place and later appeared in Power Rangers Actor: John Rubinstein.
  4. Zita Görög is an actor, model (people), actress, and model. Zita was born on September 27th, in Nagybátony, Nógrád County, Hungary.
  5. Gorog is the leader of the Angels of Darkness. He first appeared in the Wizards of Waverly Place special " Wizards vs. Angels " when he used Rosie to brainwash Justin Russo into stealing the Moral Compass to enslave the world in darkness and everyone would make bad curdlesusacmegajurelafuchtidis.coinfo: Rosie (formerly), Dominic.
  6. The Affairs of Susan (original story - as Laszlo Gorog) / (screenplay - as Laszlo Gorog) Tales of Manhattan (original story and screenplay - as L. Gorog) Edit.
  7. Dr. Lauren Gorog of Gorog Health is a licensed psychologist in Denver, CO that focuses on mindfulness based cognitive therapy, offering telepsychology and in person appointments.
  8. Gorog not only holds this title and license, but she is a caring individual who believes in curdlesusacmegajurelafuchtidis.coinfoon: East 12th Avenue Denver, CO, United States.
  9. Gorok is a level 95 - Rare Elite NPC that can be found in Frostfire Ridge. The location of this NPC is unknown. In the NPCs category. Always up to date.

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